Pannon Show 2020

Pannon Show 2020

Pannon Terrier Association will oranize the next bull type special show on 20. June 2020. at 13:00.

As always, we invited breed specialist breeder judges, thanks a lot, we are very thankful they accepted our invitation in these diffitult times.

English Bullterrier, Miniature bullterrier:
- Sandra Zepke - "Mighty Bulls" - Austria
breeder and owner of "Mighty Bulls" kennel, FCI judge of bull type terriers, president of Austrian Bullterrier Club (ÖBTC) and organizer of Hauch Memorial show.

Staffordshire bull terrier:
- Cvetka Bogovcic - "T.N.T. Edition" - Slovenia
Breeder and owner of "T.N.T. Edition", FCI judge of bull type terriers, president of Slovenian staffordshire bull terrier club, co-organizer of European Dogshow and Interra show 2020.

Amerikai Staffordshire Terrier:
- Mladen Ercegovic - "Try the best" - Croatia
breeder and owner of kennel "Try the best", FCI judge of bull type terriers, a prominent figure in Croatian cynology and recognized member of the amstaff world.

Show informations- Pannon Specialty Show 2020 – Premium List
Entry deadline:
15. June 2020. Monday at 24:00, JUST ONLINE ENTRY possibility  -
Entry fees: 40 Euro,
Second and additional dogs: 35 Euro
Minor puppy, Puppy, Veteran: 25 Euro
Couple, Breeding group, Junior handlers - on the show: Free

Entry possibilities:
Online entry -

Judge list:
Pannon Cup Show:
Amerikai Stafforshire Terrier – Mladen Ercegovic (CRO)
Angol Staffordshire Bullterrier - Cvetka Bogovcic (SLO)
Angol Bullterrier és Miniature Bullterrier – Sandra Zepke (A)

Judge list to the CACIB show
Show program:
7:00 – Gate opening
12:00-13:00 Registration
10:00-12:00 CACIB show
13:00-16:00 Pannon Terrier Special Show
16:30- Best in Show Program

Parking, entrance ticket fees:
Student, Retired: 900 Ft / day
Adult: 1500 Ft / day

Pápa, Vasas pálya, Várkert utca 1.
GPS: 47.337398; 17.469093